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From homemade recipes, to traditional cooking methods, Villa Madina captures and preserves the authenticity of Mediterranean cuisine. Each unit is equipped with several high grade rotisseries where our signature beef and chicken shawarmas are slowly and evenly roasted to perfection. All of our meats are 100% halal certified and are sourced from highly reputable suppliers. We also offer a wide array of vegetarian dishes, including falafels, vine leaves and numerous Mediterranean-style salads, such as tabouleh, fattoush and couscous salads.

Our core menu items include:

  1. Shawarma and Falafel sandwiches
  2. Shawarma, Shish Taouk, Falafel and Vegetarian entrée plates
  3. Assorted Mediterranean Salads
  4. Desserts


Villa Madina is rapidly expanding due to its high success and strong demand. With locations in major shopping centres, power centres and street locations, Villa Madina is dedicated to offering fresh Mediterranean food to everyone!

As part of the Villa Madina family, you will benefit from the support and expertise of our dedicated Villa Madina team. We provide to all our dedicated Villa Madina team. We provide to all our stores the necessary tools to succeed.

  • Delicious and Healthy Recipes
  • Training and Operation Support
  • Purchasing Power
  • Established Advertising & Marketing Strategies

Preferred candidates are selected on the basis of several criteria including business acumen and experience, financial viability, character and attitude, effective learning and communications skills and more.


We make sure that the process to becoming a Villa Madina franchise owner is simple and streamlined. We are there for you throughout the entire franchising process — from site selection and training to marketing support.


At Villa Madina, we pride ourselves in our rigorous site selection process. It is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. Our criteria for a site include maximum visibility, high foot traffic and adequate unit size. The size of our shopping mall locations range from 400-500²ft. and our street locations range from 1200-1600²ft. We are highly experienced in evaluating and negotiating lease coast and terms which translates into higher revenue margins for our franchise partners.


Villa Madina will train and prepare you to run a successful business. Each new franchisee undergoes full training with our Operations team on the following:

  • Food preparation and handling methods: we will teach you, step by step everything you need to know to prepare all the items on our menu — from roasting the most succulent shawarmas to preparing the infamous Lebanese salads.
  • Purchasing: the major benefit of being part of the Villa Madina family is being able to take advantage of the collective purchasing program. WE provide all the necessary tools and resources to ensure that your food costs are controlled which lead to cost savings.
  • Staffing: we will lend a hand in marking sure that you hire appropriate staff for your restaurant.


When you join the Villa Madina family, you become part of an organization with tremendous advertising, business coaching and marketing support. WE have a team of highly experienced marketing experts whose main priority is to provide excellent marketing for Villa Madina. We are there to always build the Villa Madina brand image through market research, franchisee forums and costumer surveys. We stay in tuned with all the latest industry and health trends and create strong marketing and advertising campaigns to attract customers.

Villa Madina’s proven successful track record and popularity is undeniable. If you are up for the challenge of running your own Villa Madina franchise, we want to hear from you! Please fill out the Franchise Pre-Application Form.